About Goofy Goobers
We're the Goofy Goobers and we're a semi-hardcore social raiding guild who are currently 7/7HC and 2/7 Mythic in The Emerald Nightmare in the latest expansion: Legion. Our founding members all have previous raiding experience, which makes for a strong foundation. We formed from scratch at the beginning of the last expansion; WoD. We cleared Highmaul and BRF in both normal and heroic modes before we took a brief sabbatical from raiding. We will be looking to regain our place as one of the top guilds on the realm and clear The Emerald Nightmare as quick as we can!

We are currently recruiting members for the brand new Legion raid: The Emerald Nightmare. We have cleared the raid on both Normal and Heroic difficulty and have done 2/7 on Mythic, but are now recruiting a couple more players to get further through Mythic! Social members are also always welcome within our friendly guild!

Enjoy Legion and see you around!
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